Friday, December 11, 2009


Playing catch up here with news of recent book launches.

One I haven't blogged about at all (and feel guilty for slipping up on!) was Amir Muhammad's tribute to our late great filmmaker, Yasmin Ahmad's Films.

The books was launched on 18 November at Sunway College because Yasmin had given a talk there just a few weeks before she died. Here's a recording of Amir's speech and you can read a bit more here :

Am planning to read the books alongside watching the DVD's ...

Below is a picture of Animah Kosai's daughter, Sarah, cutting the ribbon to launch Farish Noor's book What Your Teacher Didn't Tell You (another publication from Matahari books) at Central Market Annexxe. I took the pic from Liza Manshoor's Facebook page as my own attempt, taken from way back, was blurry and horrid.

The book was so hot off the press there was still steam rising from it. It is also an extremly beautifully produced book, illustrated throughout as you can see from these sample pages, and the content - which grew out of Farish's lecture series at the Annexxe - is fascinating on Malaysian culture and history, looking at it from fresh angles. (Small wonder then that Amir M managed to shift a record number of copies (149 copies in 2 hours!). Couldn't wait to start reading this and gobbled down the discussion of Hang Tuah going back on the LRT.

Here are a couple of videos from the launch - first very talented support act Dizzy & The, and then Farish's speech.

I also went along to Nik Nazmi's launch of both the English and Malay versions of his new book at Itudio Studio in Kelana Mall. (Here's Nik's account of the event.)The venue was bursting at the seems and handed out free saunas to all who were trying to crush inside (pre-requisite of being a politicians - you don't suffer from claustrophobia!). Selangor Chief Minister Khalid gave a very good speech and I appreciated the fact that he recited a poem by the late Usman Awang about the Malays.

I finished the book when I got home - it's very sensible and well-written, and as with Farish's book - you just hope that people will read and become that much wiser.

Biggest congrats to all.


Chet said...

I love Dizzy's last poem about her grandmother. I've been going through similar stuff with my mother but Dizzy says it so much better.

Amir Muhammad said...

Thanks Sharon! By the way Farish's book is 3rd among the 13 Matahari Books launches. The first is BODY 2 BODY (256 copies) followed by Vol 1 of MALAYSIAN POLITICIANS SAY THE DARNDEST THINGS (188 copies). Which feels good because a publisher had told me in 2007 that it's "impossible" to sell more than 100 at a launch.

bibliobibuli said...

wow!! those are great number, Amir. biggest congrats. i think the x factor is that you turn launches into a real event ... and maybe 'cos of your charismatic personality.

nik nazmi said...

Dear Sharon,

Thanks for the plug. Yes, it was so hot inside the studio. Will have to think of another venue when I do my next book launch ;)

I will also keep you updated on upcoming forums and discussions on Moving Forward / Mendepani Zaman in 2010.

bibliobibuli said...

thanks Nik, and am glad you are going to hold forums and discussions - think it is important.

Web Sutera said...

Sharon, I envy you for the launch of Moving Forward. Why I don't know? Emm, maybe I'm bit busy at that time..hahaha..

Web Sutera