Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Leon Roadtests Malaysia's First E-Reader

My favourite tech geek, Leon Wing, was the perfect person to review the first e-reader to be brought into the country. So how does the Hanlin V5, brought in by bookstore MPH, measure up?
MPH hasn’t gone wrong by bringing this one in
he says ... fairly diplomatically, I think.  A little underwhelmed, Leon?


lycaphim said...

The Hanlin V5 is a 5-inch reader, smaller than the industry standard 6-inch (Kindle, Sony Reader).

I would say it isn't a lot of value for money, since I myself own a larger reader that was purchased from a local distributor at a lesser price.

BTW, for the curious, I did an overview on the subject of E-readers and e-reading in general here:


Ted Mahsun said...

Lucky Leon! He's the perfect person to review the e-reader.

Good review; however, I'm not convinced. With prices still in the 4 digit range it's still not affordable. Not for me anyway.

I'll stick to paper for now, thanks.

Lisa said...

You can always play it cheap by opting for software which in turns convert your e-books into jar. Then just read them on your phone. It's simple and works for me..and cheap because i certainly not rich enough to buy 4 figures worth of e-book reader..LOL

adrian said...

well for me HTC HD2 is enough, the screen is quite big and i can reall the ebooks