Friday, February 19, 2010

More Bookshop Harrassment

One of Amir Muhammad's books has now fallen victim to this plague of bookshop snafflings.

He received this fax from MPH Distributors telling him that all copies of Malaysian Politicians Say the Darndest Things (Vol 2) were seized from MPH Mahkota Parade, Melaka on Feb 10th.

Amir writes on his blog :
I view this seizure is the latest act of harassment by the authorities against bookshops and publishers.

If, indeed, these people suspect that the book (which has been on sale since December 2008 -- yes, for 14 months-- with no hassle) might "have a negative impact on public tranquility/morals/public safety/relations between the country and foreign nations", why can't they just go through the proper channels by banning the book?

The book has many pictures and very little text; even so, did it really take the authorities 14 months to even suspect that the book committed any or all of those vaguely-stated offences? If so, should we worry about the literacy rate of the members of the police force?
I wonder why the police are being used in this way, too, rather than the Home Ministry's enforcement officers? Wouldn't they be better employed working to reduce some of the crime on the streets?


A Bookaholic said...

WHAT IS FReaaking WRONG WITH THESE PPL?!! arghghgh.....

Fadz said...

Act 301

So whatever the Minister says, goes. So, the big question is this: is something that threatens the name of a political party that happens to control the government equivalent to threatening the good name of the country and her people? Coz I never noticed the public going berserk about books, or other countries being outraged over something local publishers produced.

The only written article the public is going nuts over is the use of 'Allah' in the Bible, with places of worship getting defiled and burned, but that doesn't stop people from fighting against the ban.

There has to be a loophole for Amir and other publishers to defend their works. A petition, perhaps? Because there has to be a concrete evidence that the said books are harmful toward the country as opposed to a political party. I read news in papers at a regular basis, that can be said to defame other political parties. Those aren't banned, stopped or confiscated. Funny.

I guess what the Minister says, goes.

PS: In case my xlink doesn't work, here's the link:

- Will I get banned or glued for this?

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I blog this story too. Here