Monday, March 01, 2010

Ioannis:The Local Foreigner

... the longing to travel was there and I wanted a job that allowed me to factor in travelling. Writing has worked that way for me. It also forces me to observe a country a bit more closely than I might otherwise. ...  I longed to have a different experience and tap into people with different cultural roots.
Malaysia-based New Yorker Ioannis Gatsiounis is interviewed in Starmag by Sandra Low about his journalism and his books : Beyond The Veneer and Velvet & Cinder Blocks.

He talks about how he broke into journalism in Malaysia - and can you imagine, he couldn't even afford a handphone when he started and used to use a payphone at KL Sentral to do his interviews!  There's dedication.

And he claims to be a 'temporary resident" here, but uses the all important "we" when he talks about the country, so  I can't see him leaving any time soon.

Ioannis blogs here.

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