Sunday, March 14, 2010

Library Books by Post

Is it too much hassle to go to your local public library? Then let your library books come to you. This from the New Sunday Times today :
Come July, book lovers can soon obtain their favourite titles without leaving the comfort of their home.

That's when the U-Library portal, involving seven public libraries, is introduced to facilitate online book borrowing.

The libraries are Selangor Public Library, Negeri Sembilan Public Library, Kuala Lumpur Library, Intan Bukit Kiara Library, Pahang Public Library and the Sarawak State Library.

National Library director-general Datuk Raslin Abu Bakar said the pioneer project was currently in the process of digitalising reading material.

He said the portal would list titles that could be borrowed online, besides those of other books available at the respective libraries.

"Users nationwide can obtain reading material without having to go to the library, and the books will be sent by post to their doorstep," he said at a news conference after launching "Program ABC: Mari Membaca 1Malaysia" here yesterday.
This is all remarkably forward looking - let's just see how it works in practice.


C said...

Wonder why KB was left out. Poor KB never gets anything!

Anonymous said...

Somehow they just can't resist putting in the 1Malaysia branding. Groans...

dreamer idiot said...

Ideally, they should start an interlibrary system, which Singapore has, which allows readers to borrow books from other libraries when the local library does not have those sought after titles. Imagine the possibilities for people living in smaller or rural towns.

PS. I am also saying this because I live in kt.

composer said...

I'm rooting for this to be a success. Too many people do not have access to a public library. The only cynical thought I have is how many people with internet access would have no access to a public library?
Having said that I can see this being a great boon for people who, for whatever reason, find it difficult to drive/travel etc ...