Monday, March 15, 2010

Thanks BookXcess!

You may have noticed the little banner in the sidebar, linking to Bookxcess. It's there by way of a thank you to my friends Jacqueline and Andrew who own the discount bookstore that has made so many of us very happy.

They told me that they are so grateful for the news and information on this blog that they would like to donate towards sponsorship. I was happy about that because I have wanted more targeted advertising for some time. Also I guess I did not have the number of hits to make a decent amount on Nuffnang. (But the small income I made did pay for my air fare to a couple of literary events, which was good.)

I decided that BookXcess' sponsorship money should go towards the cost of the book I'm publishing based on our Readings/CeritAku events.

And if there are any more companies or organisations that would like to offer sponsorship, then I would be delighted to talk to you! (I reckon I will be spending about RM12,000 in total.)

BookXcess is in the middle of a major move, and I went by a few days ago to see what the new store would look like. There's so much space - I can't wait to see it all filled with books!

The new store (which is just next to the present one) opens Friday 19 March 2010! And if you need more information, then just click the banner in my side-bar.

(Thanks Su Lin for the photos.)

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