Friday, April 16, 2010

Stories That Go Bump in the Night

My friend and writing buddy Eeleen Lee has a great post about things that go bump in the night which I think you may enjoy :
Thought I might save this post for Halloween, but then again, Halloween is a season for carnivalesque safe scares; you pays your money, enter the ghost-train ride and emerge on the other side unscathed. The ride is easily forgotten and the memory is disposable. ... Alison Flood's article in The Guardian set me thinking about horror/supernatural fiction. Readers cite the usual horror suspects (King, Poe, Shirley Jackson...) but I remember as a reader that my literary scares came from reading short stories in old anthologies borrowed from libraries or unearthed in clearance book sales. I discovered new names and old names; wonderful tales by one-hit wonders and stories by writers that you'd normally would not associate with horror/ supernatural fiction.
And to find out what gave Eeleen goosebumps go here.

We've talked about out scariest stories before, but are there any more you would add to the list?


Fadz said...

Pfft. Easy. "Visions", by Fadzlishah Johanabas.

Got paid USD30 for that. Now aiming higher :).

Ee Leen Lee said...

thank you Sharon for the feature

Oxymoron said...

There a story in one of those Pan short horror collections about a guy who had to get out of his 11th floor window, inch along the ledge to retrieve a piece of paper. I could not finish it! I just couldn't take it! :)

Ee Leen Lee said...

@Oxymoron -yeah! those Pan horror collections were always great for a thrill.