Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Imran and the Post 9/11 World

(Moving this to the top of my blog to remind you all.)

Imran Ahmad whom I met at the Ubud Writer's Festival in 2008 is in town on business and has kindly agreed to give a talk. He's a wonderfully warm and funny speaker and I enjoying his book very much at the moment :
Imran Ahmad author of Unimagined – a Muslim Boy Meets the West will be giving an entertaining and insightful talk entitled Islam and the West: Living, Travelling and Getting Published in a Post 9/11 World.

He will give a personal account of his experiences growing up in the Cold War era, dreaming of being a writer, and the profound changes he experienced after 9/11. His emotions during his frequent business travel to America transformed from joyful anticipation to nervous apprehension. He discusses the ‘lazy tribalism’ which drives us towards polarization, dehumanization and demonization, and the need for a ‘re-humanization’ of the relationship between the Islamic and Western worlds.

His hilarious account of his journey to publication reveals how the motif of ‘Islam vs the West’ is very hard to break – especially when it’s profitable. Also, how following your dream entails doing the necessary work and getting some good luck along the way.

Last year, Imran Ahmad embarked on a 14,000 mile drive around the United States in a hybrid car, conducting 41 speaking events in 39 cities, as part of his ‘re-humanization’ mission.

Venue : Instant Cafe House of Art & Ideas [CHAI], No. 6 Jalan 6/3, 46000 Petaling Jaya
Date : Saturday 24th April
Time : 5.30-7.30
Cost : Minimum RM20 donation towards the running costs of CHAI
Contact : Tel/Fax: +603 77848792 www.instantcafetheatre.com


C said...

Sounds interesting.

Greenbottle said...

many thanks for this info. i plan to attend this.

bibliobibuli said...

i think you will really enjoy meeting Imran - and can you also help spread the word? he will actually be back in Malaysia from time to time and if this talk goes well there will be the possibility of others i hope.

Christine said...

Sounds like a good read. Gonna put it on my TBR list. Thanks!

Unknown said...

It was a great talk, Sharon, and great conversation afterwards!