Friday, April 02, 2010

Writing From The Rim

Dina Zaman forwarded this call for submission, and the writers among you should be interested :
Griffith REVIEW 30: Writing from the Rim
Summer fiction edition
Publication date: November 2010
Deadline for submission: 25 June 2010

Griffith REVIEW is publishing its second annual summer fiction edition in November.

Writing from the Rim will focus on the Pacific region – from the Americas to China, Japan, South-East Asia, the islands of the Pacific, Australia and New Zealand. What binds us, what pulls us apart, how can we make sense of such a diverse region connected by as vast roiling ocean?

Fiction is one of the best ways of making sense of change, and this region is one of the global epicentres of change, which has an impact on the lives and imaginations of people in countless ways. Writing from the Rim aims to capture this with insight, flair, elegance and humour. It will predominately feature Australian authors, at home and abroad, but it is also open to writers from New Zealand, the countries of the Asia-Pacific and the Americas. While it will be mostly fiction, the editors will also consider memoir and essays that touch on these themes in an imaginative and original way.

The winners of the second annual Griffith REVIEW Emerging Writers Prize will be announced in Writing from the Rim. This is for two emerging writers who have contributed to Griffith REVIEW in 2010 in fiction and non-fiction. The prize includes a week-long fellowship at Varuna and manuscript appraisal, and is generously supported by Text Publishing.

So if you have a new story, or an excerpt from a longer work in progress, that you think would work with this theme, Griffith REVIEW would love to hear from you.

Please email submissions to Deputy Editor, Erica Sontheimer, at

For more information visit

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