Friday, May 21, 2010

Feel Good Friday

Some miscellaneous things that celebrate the enjoyment of books :

A boy tries to steal a library book: a librarian notices and what happens transforms that boy's life forever.

On The New Yorker site a picture of what is probably the cutest children's playground library anywhere.  This magic mushroom can be found in Kyoto, Japan.

Neil Gaiman pays homage in The Times to Ray Bradbury whom he calls:
the builder of dreams
and how the author's works helped to form him as a writer. There have been several pieces in the newspapers about Bradbury lately, but this one is particularly heartfelt. 

And, ladies, if you need  little bookish eye-candy what is sexier than a hot guy reading? (I wasn't going to put this up, thinking my blog a bit too tabloid some days already, but since two readers sent me the link, what the heck!).

Have a great weekend.


Chet said...

Publisher Vends Books Via Old Cigarette Machines

bibliobibuli said...

yes i saw that on on your twitter stream. pretty nice.

Ellen Whyte said...

Love that kids library! very inspiring story.