Saturday, May 29, 2010

Why Kids Need Books

Just the presence of books in the home boosts your child's chances of success in education, a major study by Nevada University [via] has shown.  More than 70,000 people in 27 countries were interviewed to gauge the effect of family circumstances on educational chances. Among the findings :
  • Keeping just 20 books in the home can boost children’s chances of doing well at school
  • Regular access to books has a direct impact on pupils’ results, irrespective of parents’ own education, occupation and social class
  • Children coming from a “bookish home” remained in education for around three years longer than young people born into families with empty bookshelves. 
  • Preliminary findings suggested that history and science texts had the greatest benefit.
Says Dr Mariah Evans (above) who lead the study :
The results of this study indicate that getting some books into their homes is an inexpensive way that we can help these children succeed. Even a little bit goes a long way.
One wonders of course whether the presence of an e-book reader in the home would achieve as much?

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