Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Clatter Clatter

Those who miss the feel of the good old fashioned typewriter, yet love the convenience of a computer can now have the best of both worlds with a USB Typewriter.

I kid you not.


M. A. Noeth said...

I absolutely love this!! Thanks for posting. (BTW, did you ever see movie “You Got Mail”? Greg Kinnear’s character has been my total role model for years – lol).


ZABakar said...

Lovely..just wrote about typewriters two weeks ago. In Malaysia, there is kulimtypewriters believe it or not, that still sells manual typewriters.

bibliobibuli said...

Melissa - yes love that movie!

Zarina - that is really nice to know, actually!

Christine said...

I WOULD love this!!!

But by gosh, the cheapest one is US$450 - imagine the cost of shipping one all the way from Philadelphia to Malaysia. SIGH.