Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Ideal Writing Day

Eventually, if you type anything at all, you will – of course – be asked about your typical writing day and you will have to say something, or be sneered and mocked during the kind of parties I don't attend.
What would your ideal writing day be like? There are those who would have us believe that we have to get up and write at the crack of dawn (ala Dorothea Brande) to get anything meaningful down on paper, and while this might be commendable,  what's perhaps more important is that we find our individual rhythms.

I very much enjoyed reading A.L. Kennedy's account of how she would ease herself into her perfect writing day (though she admits it is far from a typical writing day). 


Jordan said...

My ideal writing day is any day where I can focus on writing for more than a few minutes at a time. (See also: No Internet.)

saras said...

Totally agree with Jordan. And it6 would be nice to have the muse on my shoulder instead of on another planet in another dimension.