Sunday, July 11, 2010

Poised on the E-Brink

Can e-readers ever replace paper books, journals, magazines and other things we love to read?
asks Abby Lu in The Star's Metro section. She interviews a few guys including my own favourite tech geek, Leon Wing, Timothy Tiah of blogland's ad agency Nuffnang (left) and Donald Kee of MPH who shows off the bookshop's e-readers.

The dingdongdingdong debate goes one with most of us not yet too sure how we'll feel about our reading delivered in this way, whether we will be full embracers or techno-luddites, or simply something sensible in-between.  If we're confused then the bookshops and publishers, take my word for it, are even more so.  We're all poised on the brink.


savante said...

I think we'd all try out new books on the ebooks. But for the ones that we really love, we'd get paperback / hardcover ones.

Boss Stewie said...

Heh my girlfriend feels the same way about e-books. She says she enjoys feeling the paper off a real book and swears off my e-book reader.

I like my e-book reader though. It's just convenient in many ways :)

Hope you've been keeping well Sharon!

Unknown said...

Agree with Boss Stewie's girlfriend. Hope the day when there will be only e-readers and no books never comes.

a Malaysian potpourri said...

I like your "We're all poised on the brink." Exactly what I was experiencing just this week. You see, my sis is visiting from Canada and I was weighing my options on getting a Kindle. I would miss the feel and smell of paper. But, maybe next time -think of the space you could save and your books not turning yellow decades from now.