Sunday, August 08, 2010

Not Quite So Blonde

Wasn't Marilyn Monroe the prototype blonde bimbo?  Well actually, no.

Susie Mesure writes in The Independent that a collection of Munroe's writings entitled Fragments :
.. reveals her passion for James Joyce, Walt Whitman and Samuel Beckett ... She had a vast library, which included works by George Bernard Shaw, Tennessee Williams, Ernest Hemingway, D H Lawrence, F Scott Fitzgerald and John Steinbeck, as well as Joyce, which she took with her whenever she moved house, something she did many times over her short lifetime. Her copy of Ulysses fetched $9,200 (£5,800) at an auction of her possessions by Christie's in 1999. While in Hollywood, she briefly took evening courses in art appreciation and literature at UCLA before withdrawing after her presence proved too distracting for the other students.
And she also had, apparently : 
... a flair for writing words as well as speaking them.
This is a book I'm waiting for!
(* to be published this Autumn by Editions du Seuil in France and U.S. publishing house Farrar, Straus & Giroux)


Amir Muhammad said...

She probably had some Arthur Miller plays too.

Anonymous said...

I saw an old black & white interview of her once. She came off as quite the intelligent person. Totally opposite from her dumb blonde persona. There were no "uhhm" or "err" in her answers. Very articulate.