Thursday, October 13, 2005

Now Accepting Bets For The Nobel

If having torn up our Booker betting slips (while the bookies gleefully rub their hands together at Banville's unexpected win) you have withdrawal symptoms, Old Hag points that it's time to lay your bets for ther next big one - the Nobel Prize for Literature.

I checked for the latest odds at Ladbrokes and they looked like this:
Adonis 2.75
Joyce Carol Oates 8.00
Philip Roth 10.00
Thomas Transtromer 10.00
Ko un 13.00
Milan Kundera 13.00
Claudio Magris 15.00
Hugo Claus 15.00
Orhan Pamuk 15.00
Pramoedya Ananta Toer 15.00
Antoni Tabucchi 21.00
Harold Pinter 21.00
Ryszarda Kapuscinskiego 21.00
Amos Oz 26.00
Cees Nooteboom 26.00
Jean Marie Gustav Le Clezio 26.00
Don DeLillo 34.00
Inger Christensen 34.00
Eeva Kilpi 101.00

It's great to see this part of the world represented by Indonesian Pramoedya Ananta Toer , but my loyalties are seriously divided because Kundera and DeLillo are on the list too!


Nizam Zakaria said...

I'm a big fan of Kundera, but I really want to see Pramoedya to win. It's about time for someone from Indonesia to win a Nobel.

Sufian said...

I'd go for Adonis. But I want Orhan (first name basis dude!) to win.

Joyce Carol Oates - dono anybody who reads her. or is it him?
Philip Roth - Whinefest.So, No.
Thomas Transtromer - More than meets the eye. I kind of like a few of his poems.
Ko un - say what?
Kundera - Give up dude, you're never gonna win
Claudio Magris - Dull
Pram - don't like.
Tabucchi - quite cool, but way lightweight
Pinter - No.
Kapucinski - should he be in the list?
Amos Oz - No. No.
Nooteboom - hit and miss.
Jean Marie Gustav Le Clezio - Who?
Don Delillo - Too American
Inger Christensen - I'm sure she might win
Eeva Kilpi - definitely obscure enough

bibliobibuli said...

Well that's that then!

Now then, you guys prepared to place a bet?

Chet said...

News is out ...

Harold Pinter won.

Google News Search: Harold Pinter