Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Book Bargains

Don't tell me you can resist this one!!

Payless Books warehouse sale
Date: 25-27 nov
Time: 10am - 7pm
Location: 3K Sports Center & Inn, Subang Jaya, Jalan SS 13/1,
Persiaran Kewajipan, 47500 Subang Jaya

Promo lines: Stock clearance! All stock must go! As low as RM1


Siege said...

You done with the books you bought at Powerbooks? So, how did you find them? :)

bibliobibuli said...

Hi Siege - no my Manila purchases are sitting on my packed squashed crowded overpopulated "to be read shelf" with all my good intentions slipped between the pages as bookmarks.

In my defense I have been reading everything I could lay my hands on by the author I interviewed today for a feature that comes out sunday ... more about this tomorrow. I promise that I will make a start on them soon. meanwhile if you send me a postal address I will post you something from here.

Anonymous said...

Wonder if they have Tarzan of the Apes. Would save me a print :)

(but somehow I doubt it. :) )

sharanya said...

*Sob* * Sob* *Sob*

And I heard about this AFTER I decided to extend my trip. :(


lil ms d said...

i am totally broke.

car/medication/raya ang pow for 40 over cousins/bills/living expenses etc

there must be a way writers can get books for free or something...

Chet said...

"there must be a way writers can get books for free or something..."

Offer to review books for newspapers and magazines. But make sure they're big time publications, otherwise, you may be asked to provide your own books to review.

bibliobibuli said...

chet - the time and effort that goes into writing a review ... plus you can be given some really dull stuff to review!

best of all borrow from a friend who has lots of books idling about on her shelves. so long as you bring 'em back.

(but sorry anon - no tarzan in my collection either)

justine said...

Book sale and so near my place.

I love you sharon bakar. muahahahah

I have Tarzan of the Apes btw ;)

Anonymous said...

I'll trade you "Journey to the Center of the Earth" for it :)

Yeah most of the books you get are dull.. otherwise they wouldn't really need the PR.

soowm said...

Took a half day leave for the warehouse sale. You definately PAY LESS, I got 19 books for less than RM50/-.

Quite a good deal as you have Alias Grace, Robber Bride, Possionwood Bible going for RM5/- for 3.

Anonymous said...

will go.. but I wonder if the best books are gone.

bibliobibuli said...

soowm - that's some bargain and an excellent choice of books. wish i had time to go but so much on ... and really i should restrain myself where books are concerned ...