Thursday, November 24, 2005

Romesh Reads

Book lovers and scribbler-wanna-be's - don't forget that Romesh Gunasekera will be reading tonight at Silverfish 7-8pm. And if you haven't discoverd his books yet - maybe the nice Mr. Raman will have a copy or two left.

I interviewed Romesh yesterday for a feature which should appear this Sunday in Starmag. So today is mad writing day to get my notes in some kind of order.

See you tonight?


lil ms d said...

see you tomorrow. today v v tied up w work!

dreamer idiot said...

I was at the the conference organised by UKM in which Romesh gave a talk. Unfortunately, it seems that he and some other international participants felt rather annoyed at poor attendandes for the different papers being presented and the attitudes of some of the Malaysian participants who allowed their handphones to ring during the talks. No wonder why we slip in the rankings, with the presence of such academics who take a tidak-apa attitudes. Thankfully, there are also very good Malaysian academics out there who presented very insightful and thought-provoking papers.

bibliobibuli said...

dreamer idiot - wish i'd gone to the conference ... missed some very interesting stuff by the sound of it

lainieyeoh said...

aw. i forgot to get his book from romesh when he was in college, and hopped over to borders to see if they had his books - noooope.

where else asides from silverfish, you reckon?

bibliobibuli said...

nowhere else but silverfish lainie ... i have freinds who were looking in the other bookshops