Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Nano for World Peace

The Guardian's Culture Vulture blog today features a piece on the Nanowrimo. It's nice to see insanity taking root.

Just think. At the rate the popularity of this contest is spreading across the globe, there may come one November when there's no-one left to fight the wars or stir-up conflicts ... Nano for peace, my friends.

Having said this, I'm off to a shaky start. 2528 words of complete crap. The brain cells feel rusty. How long since I've fictionated?

So much for the Banvillesquely delicate prose I was aiming for. I'd be happy to be able to write like Jeffrey Archer.


Lydia Teh said...

All the best, Sharon. Delicate prose chugs along like a bullock cart, rough prose speeds like a bullet train.

bibliobibuli said...

That's a quote i shall engrave on my heart. Rough prose all the way then!

3rd Chimp said...

I think we should bumper stickers and T-shirts that say "NaNo for Peace", Sharon. It's a brilliant theme. I wonder what kind of novel G Bush would write? Jay Leno joked that the "President" is writing a NF book called "One Hundred Places to Invade Before You Die," which is funnyandpainful.

3rd Chimp said...

"...should HAVE...." of course. Sigh.