Sunday, November 06, 2005

Writing That Marathon

Haruki Murakami believes he has the formula right, reports Tufts Daily: the first step toward successful writing is proper physical fitness.
'First train your body. Then, your writing style will follow. ... I realized that I needed physical strength [to focus on writing for long periods] and that strength helped to develop my writing style.
Good advice certainly for those who plan to write a marathon.

Guilt inducing words for those of us who are neither exercising or managing to pump out Nano words. (Present score 7776). Manana.

Just when I said I had no appetite for fiction picked up Chris Cleave's Incendiary and found it hard to put down. Reserving all critical comments for the review I'm writing so you'll have to wait!


The Great Swifty said...

Aha! This explains why Yuki Mishima is SO RIPPED! !!!

bibliobibuli said...

swifty - had not come across this use of the word "ripped" before! thanks for expanding my vocab!

i took a look at Mishima's picture. some muscles!

Anonymous said...

"ripped" is (was, actually) American teenage slang in the 80s. It's passe now but still used by some young people here. According to MW, it currently means "being under the influence of alcohol or drugs" :)