Wednesday, December 14, 2005

No L-Words Please!

The Australian reports on a new quarterly aimed at fostering emerging writing talent. Wet Ink was launched on 9th December at the University of Adelaide. J.M. Coetzee. (twice-Booker and Nobel Prize winner) was coaxed out of his customary reclusiveness to attend the event and called the publication :

... a brave venture because no-one ever made fame or fortune running a little magazine. They operate on energy and goodwill and generosity. ... What little magazines aim to become are institutions, a fact of life. ...... Simply put, Wet Ink and magazines like it constitute one of the best, and most attractive ways in which the culture of a nation expresses itself.
Apparently though, the dreaded L-word will be nowhere in sight ... because it is thought too scary and offputting for the general reader. (Worth bearing in mind when we plan writing related events here! And here I'm thinking about THAT festival which is even now a twinkle in the eye of Mr. Raman.)

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