Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Talk on Getting Published

Some seats are apparently still available for a talk by Hng Hung Yong, noted author on Malaysian politics. His most recent books include CEO Malaysia and 5 Men & 5 Ideas: Building National Identity.
Topic: 'From proposal to publication: Getting your first non-fiction book published'
Date: 17th December (Saturday)
Venue: Starbucks, Borders Bookstore, Times Square.
Time: 11am to 1pm
Cost: Simply purchase a drink from Starbucks!
RSVP: To and include your mobile number


Anisah said...

Ahhh.. I couldn't attend it. It'll cost me several hundred cups of coffee! How much is a regular cup of coffee from Starbucks in Malaysia today? I've been away for too long. I've been here long enough to notice the price increases and decreases.

My observation is: in Britain, prices go up and down, usually influenced by oil prices. But prices in Malaysia, for the twenty odd years I stayed there, never decreased once it has gone up.

Anonymous said...

Starbux hasn't been around for twenty years. Are you sure you're not J. Kent in disguise ? :)

PS. Yes, you should come back for a while. You're starting to sound like one of _them_. Ug. :P :)

Anonymous said...

And yes, I can show you stuff that has dropped in price. :)

Anisah said...

I look forward to discovering things that have dropped in price, anywhere, here and there. Do email me with details. My email can be found from my link. Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

Someone in the wordup group has been making a lot of hoohah recently over whether this talk has "exclusivity". This someone was worried about onlookers or people deliberately eavesdropping.

Perhaps I'll go there and eavesdrop, just for the kick of it. Maybe some bouncer or bodyguard might tell me to back up or please walk on by, no loitering. Or I'll book an "exclusive" seat and check out who this clever "froggy" is, who so cleverly read into the original message telling us to reserve seats first as exclusivity.

BTW, if you cannot read into my last sentence as cleverly as "froggy" would have been able to, I'm being ironic.

bibliobibuli said...

yes i've been glancing at the wordup debate ... it wouldn't be you stirring up trouble would it??? (i know you relish throwing proberbial cats into flocks of pigeons and then slinging bones of contention at them?) ... go along and BE NICE ... and let me know how it goes ...

Anonymous said...

Fishes of contention, Sharon, and cooked juicy ones at that :) point is if you want to charge something, you should maybe ensure the exclusivity of the thing that you charge for. I remember paying for a talk at a mall. I was under the impression that since they charged for it, it would be maybe in the exhibition center or something. But no they held it at a bookstore, and it was open to all. I remember how cheated I felt. The company's defunct now. So I was just saying, don't charge if you can't guarantee exclusivity.

Anonymous said...

And anisah, I've emailed you the list.