Tuesday, March 07, 2006

New Writing Anthology

Here's somewhere else to send your writing! The British Council is now accepting submissions for New Writing 15 and the publication is open to writers from the Commonwealth. You can submit stories, poetry, literary essays, memoirs, biography and fiction, including an extract from a work in progress. The deadline for submissions for New Writing 15 is 30 April 2006. The book will be published by Granta in 2007.

Full details and rules can be found here.

The website also has extracts from New Writing 13 so that you can get an idea of the competition and read interviews with the writers about their work. There are also teaching resources for the classroom.

And don't forget the deadline for Silverfish New Writing 6 is March 31st 2006. Rules here. Overseas submissions are welcomed. (Helps to keep the standard up, see?)


Sham said...

Thanks Sharon! Will definitely submit at the very least :)

BawangMerah said...

I'm thinking of submitting something, if can only leave my procrastination somewhere I can't find it.

The Visitor said...

aha! mebe i can send THAT piece of poetry.

dreamer idiot said...

I got hold of one of the silverfish series last year, read a little and felt a little disappointed that quite a few of the Malaysian writers set their stories set outside of malaysia, often in a foregin country...mybe I am mistaken, but no noubt those stories were well written,

Hope you can enlighten me (when I get back, am leaving tmw noon) since you have been editor for the series and am an infeuntail figure in the local creative writing circuit.

bibliobibuli said...

sham, bawang merah, visitor ... glad you are thusly inspired!

dreamer idiot - i couldn't agree with you more, i am always disappointed that more of the folks who submit their work don't write about Malaysia ... stories here need to be told. maybe you should start scribbling stories?