Monday, April 24, 2006

Bardic at Borders

,Thanks to all who sent good wishes. And big hugs to those who turned up.

There was a pretty good crowd there and I was happy that they didn't wander off after Tempered Metal (excellent!) had done their set.

The reading went fine. Read some poems and an autobigraphical piece based on The Leaves of Life entry I posted here yonks ago (but have rewritten quite a lot thanks to friends who have told me more about the music's possible origins ...), it's a piece close to my heart and I plan to tighten it up a bit more to send out soon to find a home.

It's true what Dina says, you feel a piece when you read it aloud and see where it connects with an audience (or doesn't!)...

Fahmi and Azmyl were up after me with their Wayang Buku - perfectly nutty, and very funny ... Books by local authors (the loneliest books on Borders' shelves) became shadow puppets and talk show characters ...

Sat outside Starbucks for a good long time with Ruhayat X, Irman and Raja Ahmad talking about publishing and ways to make things move.