Friday, April 14, 2006

Rojak, Anyone?

This is a plug for Rojak playing at KLPac until Sunday.

It's :
... an original blend of shorts and monologues, tossed with a spoonful of youth and matters close to our hearts. From happy families, sudden deaths, sinking boats to talking mannequins, ROJAK! is dark, gooey and pedas as we Malaysians like it. Every serving includes a generous portion of nuts, on the house. ... This production is presented by The Oral Stage, which is a non-profit group of theatre-curious youth who direct and star in their own plays. Immersing themselves in theatre without lifejackets, they hope to come out alive learning a thing or two. Currently in their second season, TOS strives to make theatre more accessible to the public, especially young people, through their stage performances and community involvement.
Priya who did my creative writing course last year wrote one of the plays and is performing (I feel like a proud mum!). Also in the cast is Rauf Fadzillah a very talented young writer I've written about before. The Oral Stage also has a lively blog which you might like to check out.

By the way, for anyone across the world who doesn't know what rojak means: it's a delicious Malaysian fruit salad, and so is used to refer metaphorically to an eclectic mix of things in Malaysian English.


the eternal wanderer said...

Oh, oh..I heard about them before - The Oral Stage, that is. But time constraints meant I can't check them out further.

Would've loved to go for the play but I won't be able to make it.

Oh btw, Sharon, I'm interviewing James Lee (author of Mr Midnight series) tomorrow, Tom Doctoroff (JWT CEO and author of Billions) on Monday and Michelle Paver (author of the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness) at the end of the month!!


priya said...

Yay! Thanks for the promo Sharon! Looking forward to seeing everyone there tmw! =)

bibliobibuli said...

your interviews sound fun, philip ... please let me know when and where we can read them

priya - see you this p.m.