Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Here Puisi-Puisy Poesy ...

I just posted up another favourite poem for discussion at our Puisy-Poesy website. It's e.e.cummings nobody loses all the time. I have a soft spot for failures and a love of a strong narrative voice whether in short stories or in poetry.

We've now got enough enthusiastic members for two postings a week. Fetish Machinist posted up a Thomas Hardy poem, Channel Firing, the other day for comment.

Dreamer Idiot, thanks so much for coordinating the whole thing, I'm really enjoying myself.

Picture: e.e. cummings Self-Portrait with Notebook


Chet said...

"looses" or "loses"?

bibliobibuli said...

aiyoh! who said i could spell? *blush*

dreamer idiot said...

No, all of us, contributors and commenters alike did it together. :)

I think it's good that it's casual, as visitors come and go; more than a fair bit of them actually, judging from the stats, and though most don't comment, I think people kinda like it still and come back again later. Personally for me, I am reading poems I would not otherwise have read or re-reading familiar poems differently. Yeay.