Monday, May 22, 2006

Index: On the Short Story

The Short Story

Brief Encounters (3/10/04)
Hillaire Belloc on the Short Story (1/11/04)
A Shot for the Shorts (22/5/06)
Save the Short Story Campaign (10/7/05)
Goddess of the Literary Bordello (25/8/05)
Food for the Mind - By Vending Machine (23/8/05)
Small Gems (25/8/05)
Interpreting the Story (8/1/06)

Writing Short Fiction

Where Do Little Stories Come from, Mummy? (23/7/05)

Short Story Collections

Domestic Women and Short Story Land (25/3/05)
The Sound of the Future (7/5/06) (about Hari Kunzru's Noise)
B-Reef Readings (28/11/05) (about Romesh Gunasekeran's Monkfish Moon)
Between Pussy and Elephant: Gripping Social Reality (19/12/05) (about Rattawat Lapcharoensap's Sightseeing)
Quirky Shorts (20/1/06) (about Etgar Keret's The Bus Driver who wanted to be God)
License to Spin (6/7/05) (about Peter Ho Davies' The Ugliest House in the World)
Decongestion Charge (1/7/06)

Malaysian Short Story Collections

Giving Writers a Chance (18/5/05) (my editing experience)
Welcome Reissues (3/7/05) (about Lloyd Fernando's stories)
The Book Project (30/7/05)
Best of Silverfish (4/4/06)
The Birth of Neohikayat (14/4/06)


Jen said...

I would also recommend "A Thousand Years of Good Prayers" by Yiyun Li. Especially "Immortality" and "Persimmons". Those two stuck in my mind - not just for the story, but also for the way they were told.

Jen said...

oops - just read the next post - looks like my recommendation is somewhat superfluous (sp?) :)

bibliobibuli said...

jen - thanks for recommending it - must read it very soon