Saturday, September 23, 2006

Swifty Meets Jasper

Swifty met up with Jasper Fforde at Dymocks in Perth and got his book signed. (Great post, go read.)

He asks, does the writer have any fans in Malaysia?

Although I haven't read him yet, Swifty, I do intend to: his books look fun. I bought some titles for the British Council library, so if anyone wants to try him out, look there. (And dare I whisper it, there were piles of his earlier novels at a previous Times warehouse sale, going for a song. Poor Swifty.)

Fforde's latest book is The Fourth Bear. And Swifty says he has signed copies of it for the Malaysian market, so I guess it will be hitting the shops here soon. (Wish he'd stopped by himself!!)

Also worth reading on Swifty's blog is Justin's review of Donald Barthelme's 60 Stories.


Elizabeth said...

Jasper Fforde is one of my favourite authors ever! But the Fourth
Bear isn't one of his best - to start off, you should read his Thursday Next series.

The Great Swifty said...

Oooh, thanks for the link!

Although it's really Justin's review and not mine. I haven't read anything by Donald Barthelme. :D

Anonymous said...

All the good authors are gone. People are rich and fast these days, all the best sell out really quickly. That leaves all the junk which seems to be there for ever.

bibliobibuli said...

corrected. sorry i swiped your picture but i liked it so much.

The Great Swifty said...

Anonymous: And Jasper Fforde belongs to which category?

Sharon: No prob! And yeah, I do look pretty good-looking in the pic. haaahaaa!

The Great Swifty said...

Oh, anonymous commented at the wrong entry.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if I did. It seems to be the thing these days, and not only with books. I remember standing at a PC fair and waiching people buy Rm2K laptops like they were going out of style.