Thursday, September 14, 2006

Tagged and Totalled

Still haven't got all my books entered into Library Thing. I'm going slowly, trying to do a shelf each week. My fiction and poetry is mostly in there already, and most of the books still to be entered are his war stories which reflect a fascination for the Vietnam and Second World War, spy stories and serial killers. (Boys stuff!) Don't tell him, but I may secretly recycle to charity some of the thrillers which are mouldering away, to make shelf-space for new books. (Mine!)

My total number of entered books to date is 1,206 and the most common tags are:

fiction (529), non-fiction (449), novel (405), british (282), american (126), malaysia (110), travel (93), short stories (90), history (82), poetry (70) (and here's my tag cloud)

Fiction is winning, but only just.

Generally, we only think about shelving books by broad subject topics or alphabetically. Thanks to the tags, LibraryThing shows you how books you'd never put together as neighbours in a bookshelf might have much in common thematically. The geeky part of me that wanted to be a librarian once, approves.

The site also keeps getting better with new innovations all the time, something I didn't expect when I signed up for a life membership. And no, I don't have shares. (Sadly.)

I love the widget that shows you books from my library in the sidebar of my blog, changing every 20 minutes so you can admire all those pretty covers. And now, if you look just below that, there's a search tool so you can find out more easily what I have and in some cases, how I rate it. A good place to waste time!

I also like this new feature: pictures of the authors of my books. How many can you recognise? How funny to think of all those strange folks sitting side by side on my bookshelves, talking to each other. (I think the happiest neighbours are novelists Kureishi and Kunzru, who have a lot in common in real life too.)


Ted Mahsun said...

I only have TWO authors in my portrait gallery... i'm jealous with your 92!

But then I only have 13 books logged in so far... I'm entering my books as I read them. So far it's been a book a week. So far so good!

bibliobibuli said...

that's the nice thing about library thing - you can use it as you want to

btw - what do you think those two authors are saying to each other?

Ted Mahsun said...

Hmm... that's an interesting thing to ponder... what would Stephen Fry say to Haruki Murakami? I cannot imagine!

Unknown said...

I didn't know there are author's pictures! Thanks for the info.

Anonymous said...

Think I can get into MBR if I read all of them ? most number of books read in a lifetime (in this country I'm sure it'd be a record :) )

circuitmouse said...

Wow! I don't know when I'm going to get around to listing the rest of my books in storage (I need more bookcases, but I'm afraid the earthquake retrofitting of my building won't support their weight!).

bibliobibuli said...

ted - they've both got a good sense of the ridiculous so i think they'd have a good time ... probably down the pub

jiwa rasa - your're welcome!

anon - you could be a candidate tif you read nore than 2 books a year! haha

circuitmouse - went for a walk through your library which is one of the greatest things with library thing. you also have a great blog ... and you've linked me from the other side of the world?? thanks so much