Friday, October 27, 2006

Farish at Silverfish

There's a launch with a difference tomorrow evening at Silverfish when writer/intellectual Farish Noor will be launching a new website:
... set up by a number of Malaysian scholar-activists and volunteers with the simple aim of providing other sources of information for those who are interested in unearthing aspects of Malaysian history, politics and culture that have thus far been sidelined, marginalised or erased in the official historiography of the post-colonial state.
Admission is free. But do RSVP Usha/Phek Chin, tel: 03-228 448 37, before Friday 27th Oct 2006 due to limited space.


lil ms d said...

happy birthday sharon!!!!!!!!!!

bibliobibuli said...

many thanks dear

Leon Wing said...

Your birthday this day? Happy, happy birthday!!!! And marked by such a cute revamp of the blog, too.

bibliobibuli said...

thanks thanks leon