Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Bringing Books to Life

Here's a website to get happily lost in! Meet the Author has more than 800 video clips of authors introducing their books in their own words. It's great if you've always been curious about what your favourites look and sound like. There's also a UK version of the site which features British authors.

You can enter prize draws to win a free signed copies of novels.


sympozium said...

Great site, thanks! Also see that Kiran Desai 'in person' is as dull and rambling as her book!
Susan Howatch is pretty funny, Freddie Forsyth has put on an incredible amount of weight, and Jung Chang and Vikram Seth are very interesting people, and Jeffrey Archer is a pure politican/car salesman!

bibliobibuli said...

willya just shaddup about kiran desai?????

sympozium said...

Hahaahahah!!! :-)