Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Fiction

In the mood for some good online reading? The book pages of the British newspapers have some great yuletide short stories, so put your feet up and enjoy:

The Blue Carbuncle, a Sherlock Holmes mystery by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle on the Sunday Times site (and in a companion piece, Alexander McCall Smith examines the appeal of Conan Doyles' work).

The Times also has Jeanette Winterson's Christmas Carol.

An exclusive new short story by Helen Simpson, The Festival of the Immortals, appears on The Guardian site.

And Salley Vickers has written a short story called Mrs Radinsky especially for The Observer.



cavingliz said...

HAPPY CHRISTMAS SHARON. It's good to see that I am not the only one on the computer this Christmas lunchtime!!!

bibliobibuli said...

sad life, innit? my old man has only just woken up (4.15p.m.) and is anyway unlear on the concept of christmas! but i've been having a nice relax and read and eating nice things ... all that remains is to watch a soppy film on TV

Miao said...

Thanks for sharing! Merry Christmas!

Chet said...

The soppy film was this morning, Crazy for Christmas, starring Dr Johnny Fever from WKRP in Cincinnati.

I just finished reading the Jeanette Winterson story, and love the last line ...

" ... whatever you wish, you can’t wish for better than love."

Amen to that.

anna akhmatova said...


Read one of the two quikies you mentioned, the "Festival of the Immortals'(on Guardian Unlimited)
two days ago. Simpson makes being in "early November of your life",a ditty. A spunky read about two very spunky seventy-year-olds. Liked it! :D

Haven't read "Mrs Radinsky" though. It's on the Observer ,you say? Me go read now!