Friday, December 01, 2006

Just to Let You Know ...

My creative writing course is running again at the British Council starting January 4th.

Details here.

More news about other courses and dates later!


Anonymous said...

i clicked on your link for your creative writing course and found that the site is under construction. can we have some information meanwhile?

thank you.


bibliobibuli said...

i think they have a technical problem right now (it was fine earlier) and i expect it will be back up again soon.

meanwhile - cost is RM400 for non-library members, RM300 for library members. it's running over 8 weeks, 2 hours per week at british council, wisma selangor dredging, jalan ampang. you can contact the british council library to register: 03 2723 7909/7910

you can also email me: sbakar at streamyx dot com or 012-6848835 if you have any questions or just want to know more

Anonymous said...

May I tell you what I am truly interested in. I have written a manuscript and am in the process of editing it. do you offer such a class where we would review a chapter or two of what the student has written and then dissect it as to what works and what doesn't? there are some things in the way that I write that I feel are my "style" but I also realize some of this may also be detrimental to the work. do you know what I mean? if nothing like this is available, maybe even a few private classes would work well. I don't know. please offer your thoughts.


bibliobibuli said...

there's a need for this.

i'm trying to keep the guys who did my course enthused and arrange meet ups to share work written since the course. (we did this at the british council a couple of times and it worked very well).

i also did have an informal group going last year where friends who were working on something could drop by for tea on sundays and share their work.

it kind of died a death 1) because folks became too busy and caught up in other projects. (it takes an ongoing commitment to keep it going.) 2) some folks don't feel comfortable having their work critiqued, no matter how kindly. (i didn't blog about these sessions because one very nasty blogger vocally rubbished everything i was doing and i didn't want my friends to be exposed to that kind of unkindness)

the biggest danger with setting up a group like this is that folks are only interested in hearing about their own work and do not want to spend the time giving feedback to others (although this is the way you learn too!) so it only works where a sense of community can be created. this is why i enjoy working with the folks who have done my course - there's common ground and shared expectations - and a degree of trust already built in

am willing to consider setting something up if others are interested in joining in and trying it out. but i would want to make it time-bound in the first instance. (it runs for x number of weeks and has a list of rules). if it works well it can be continued ot take off under its own steam.

anyway, contact me by email if you want to talk more