Sunday, December 17, 2006

Reading Ain't Just Books!

Daphne Lee interviews reading development expert Tom Palmer in Starmag today, and talk about how his mum got him into reading by giving him football magazines! Now he builds on a love of the game in his own workshops to encourage kids to read.

On getting kids to read:
Often, all it takes is to allow children to make their own reading choices. It’s logical, really. Why would a child or anyone read a book that they find boring? It makes all the difference to identify a subject of interest and use it to lead to reading. Reading is not really perceived as a cool activity, apart from when it’s something like the Harry Potter books – whenever one comes out, it’s carried around like a fashion accessory. So it’s a bad idea to force a child to do something that’s already seen as boring. ... I know boys who say they don’t read and dislike reading, but when you talk to them you realise they spend an hour every day reading blogs, websites, magazines. They do these things unconsciously and because the reading doesn’t involve a book, they don’t see it as reading.
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Ater said...

Wow, I dig this guy. It's so true--it was easier for me to pick up imported football magazines and camp at, than to plough through, say, a Hardy or Ghosh. Some of the pundits at Soccernet can really write. It can be argued perhaps that they are more style than substance, but I wolf the game reports and columns just the same. And I think some of it has rubbed off on me. In a good way. Somehow.

Greenbottle said...

this is interesting.
agree that people come to read and love books in may ways.

but how many people who read magazines go on to love reading books?...

and how may people who read all those DIY books, motivation books, or business books go on to really love books and go on to build their own personal libraries?

i always have this perhaps erroneous view that unless you read creative works and related works in non fiction that need 'good' writing skill like travel, biography, history or even sciences for the layman you'll never go on and really love books and reading.

to me reading fluffy magazines and job related reference books are not exactly 'reading'.

i think a guy who read borges will be more likely to be crazy about books than say a guy who read 'statistics for dummies'....