Friday, January 19, 2007

KL Litfest 2007

Raman has announced the Kuala Lumpur International Literature Festival which is to take place 28th, 29th and 30th of March 2007. The theme for the event is 'The nation at 50.'

Am happy to see that the whole event has been scaled down compared to the 2004 event which was way too ambitious (though we largely pulled it off) and has dropped the literary conference part which really didn't work last time. The events will be held in and around Bangsar Baru, and are all within walking distance. This also strikes me as a very good idea and there are plenty of places to stop and eat and socialise in between venues.

Events are still being worked out but will include, book launches, discussions, meetings with writers, exhibitions and workshops - for adults and children.

Some names have been announced, local (Dina Zaman, Cecil Rajendra, Salleh ben Joned, Tash Aw, Wong Phui Nam among them) and international (including performance poet Benjamin Zephaniah from the UK).

The whole thing will cost RM100 for the three days (RM50 for writers/ teachers/ students).

The only fault I can find with the whole thing is five events running simulataneously may mean 1) making tough choices (though some events will repeat) 2) some events being under attended.

More news as it comes in! Meanwhile mark the dates in your diaries. (And that's an order!)


Ruhayat X said...

Yay. Just in time to sell next issue of Elarti then; "Elarti II: Dendam Kaum Frinjan".

Have sold about 200 copies so far, mainly through word of mouth as usual. Not too bad. Bad idea to put the month on the issue, though -- shortens the shelf-life considerably.

Only managed to flog off 10 copies at Central Market opening. Mainly after they have been plied by cheap beer. Tiring work, this magazine selling business.

bibliobibuli said...

maybe we can delegate it to some volunteers, ruhayat

maybe we could have a reading as part of the festival or have a "fringe event"

good on the selling. i want one or two more issues.

also, am organising readings 27th jan, 24th feb ... and a very special international one 7th feb, so can sell at all those

irene said...

Do I qualify as a writer? hehehe. If not then maybe I qualify as a 'student'... I hope. I have a student card to prove it!

bibliobibuli said...

yes, irene, you qualify. just be brave enough to say you are and you should get your discount.

Eric Forbes said...

Magazines dated monthly gets 'dated' fast. Perhaps putting Volume I Issue I or other variations of it will give it a longer shelf-life. Best wishes!

Ruhayat X said...

Yep. That's what I'm discovering. The next issue will be numbered "Q2". Live and learn.

At least the colour sep and printer have been paid, so all I'm concerned about now is getting a bit of money for the writers. Would be nice for them to get a token fee.