Friday, January 19, 2007

Government Bans 18 Books

From the Star today:
The Government has banned 18 books with contents that tarnish Islam’s sanctity, are factually wrong, have deviated from true Islamic faith and insulted the prophets.

The order for the ban was made under the Printing Presses and Publications Act 1984, the Internal Security Ministry said in a statement.

Among the publications banned are Kamasutra: Apakah Kebaikannya by Drs Munir Rahmat, Pengakuan Mangsa Rogol (Ayu Mayangsari), Umee Srimas Pakar Repair “Anu” Lelaki (Webah Salleh), and Rahsia Penyegar Tenaga Batin Suami Isteri (Dr Ruhani).

Also banned are Islam and the West: A New Political and Religious Order Post September 11 written by Robert Van de Weyer and Who is a Muslim.


eyeris said...

To be fair, that news was taken fro the Bernama wire, and was probably used by an enterprising sub who had to find somethign to fill up that top right side of the page... hehe

Anonymous said...

It is all right to fill up the space on the page but at least fill it up with something NEW! Is that so difficult to do?

jawakistani said...

Sharon...I'm blogging again just in case my email n my new blog address didnt reach you. Bibi

Yvonne Lee said...

Sorry, this is unrelated but a reason for us to feel elated. Today's NST, page 20: RM9m boost for authors.

"The government is encouraging local authors to publish their stories about Malaysia by offering a grant amounting to RM9million under the 9th Malaysia Plan."

Good topic to blog about eh? Will money draw more Malaysians to write about Malaysian stories? What kind of Malaysian stories? On the ah soh going to wet market to find tainted meat or ah pek cry foul about gomen in the kopi tiam or modern teens hooked on internet affairs or Mat Rempit?

Sharon, do you think much moolah will draw better works from our writers?

Ted Mahsun said...

Yvonne, now that's news! Can anyone provide an internet link? Can't seem to find the article online...

lainieyeoh said...

haih. i don't read the star, but as long as this isn't the attempt to divert attention again (doesn't seem like it, usually the step is to blame the youth for some 'national morality disaster' of sorts)

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