Saturday, February 03, 2007

Finding Treasure

No money. No shelf-space for more books. No time to read 'em.

And yet, yes, there I was at the Pay Less book sale yesterday with Saras and Mercy. And as always, it was fun and we all ended up with some cheaply purchased treasures.

My best buy was Journal of Katherine Mansfield. I love Mansfield's stories, visited her house in Wellington some years ago and wanted to buy a copy of her journal then - but didn't have enough money on me. This book was waiting for me!

I also got a big fat book on the psychology of dreams: Our Dreaming Mind by Robert L. Van de Castle, 'cos this is a subject that fascinates me (and which I draw on in my writing course).

The sale isn't enormous and the fiction selection was a disappointing, but hey, you too might just end up with a treasure or two.


Miao said...

Psychology of dreams? Heard Jung was one of the most influential philosophers in that field.

bibliobibuli said...

jung and freud. but there has been a lot of very interesting dream research in the US particularly. the book also looks at ancient beliefs about dreams in different cultures. i believe dreams are very important - and very useful - and a great source of material for writers. and people can train themselves to remember their dreams and use them for deeper insights.

Secret History said...

I went to the sale on Saturday and found some gems.

- a signed copy of Peter Coyote's memoir
- The Tightwad Gazette to help me to save money
- Two more Jay McInerney's book

bibliobibuli said...

secret history - yes that is treasure!

i bought the mcinerney's books in a prvious pay less sale but haven't has time to read them yet

KayKay said...

Uma and I were in and out of there in 30 minutes flat! Somehow, after the Times Warehouse Sale a couple of weeks back and a sojourn through Amcorp Mall and discovering the delightful Book Excess where brand new books(though not necessarily titles) could be had for under RM20(even trade paperbacks), the Pay Less one was a bit of a let-down.
And on another note, we discovered this small book shop nestled in a corner of Brickfields specialising in books from India. An R.K Narayan title can be purchase here for under RM10, while a similar purchase elsewhere could set you back at RM35 a book.

bibliobibuli said...

thanks for that tipoff kaykay, must investigate