Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines!

When I was a ten-year old bookworm and used to kiss the dust jacket pictures of authors as if they were icons, it used to amaze me that these remote people could provoke me to love.

Erica Jong
Happy bookish Valentine's Day to you all!

Go and buy your books a Valentine's present - a fancy bookthong, a plastic cover, a new shelf to sit on.

Because remember, while others will break your heart ... or at the very least demand flowers dinner a cuddly teddy ...

... a book never lets you down.

Here's how Animah and I celebrated with red roses in Kino last year. Why don't you have a go?

Pic nicked from skybluepink website.


sympozium said...

A thong for a book? How Brazilian! I'll make sure my book has a waxjob first before wearing one - don't want curly squiggles of words peeking out! :-)))

Heppy Wellington's Dey!

Madcap Machinist said...

There was once a bookaholic
who moaned, "I'm a lonely chick"
She went to a store,
bought books galore,
then called her boss to say she's sick...

Happy V-Day! :-)

Madcap Machinist said...

another one for the purists:

A Valentine's Day a bookaholic
went out for some fun and frolic
She kissed a man,
who dropped his pants,
but all she wanted was his Moby Dick!

boo_licious said...

Happy Valentine's Sharon! What a good idea! Maybe I shld go to the bookshop later and give a few books a loving home.

midnite lily said...

happy st valentine's!

a book thong! cools... hmm... i should get that for Lee... he's loads of books. lol

lil ms d said...

epi valentain's deh! MUAH!

bibliobibuli said...

Young blogger Madcap Machinist
Has not in his whole life been kissed.
Let's remedy this
By finding a Miss
Submit names to my long waiting list.

Animah the Banned (not Barred) said...

There was a blogger who read
Stored Chick Lit under her bed
Happy Valentines, she yelled
The books, they all .. felled
She cried, have the cats been fed?

Happy Valentines Sharon!!

bibliobibuli said...

not too sane, this blog

bibliobibuli said...

A clever young chap called Sympozium
Wrote funny comments he thought would delight 'em
Blog readers got sadder
As his puns just got badder
And so on and so infinitum

Madcap Machinist said...

If Sharon's list is really so long
Then we must hurry it along
Let's not be coy
"Jom kawin koboi!"
If we don't part, we must belong.

bibliobibuli said...

A dynamic lawyer called Animah
Had simply incredible stamina.
She slapped lawsuits by day
At nights wrote her play
Which reflected her true plucky anima!

dreamer idiot said...

Hahaha... Machinist, you sure made me laugh... Hahaha... Hahaha... oh no, I can't stop.

Well, some books have let me down before... but at least one can easily 'dump' it without all the emotional pain and sorrow involved. :)

bibliobibuli said...

speaks one who must have had a broken heart, DI

books are kinder ...

The Great Swifty said...

Happy V. Day to you too!

Here's a fluffy romantic comedy short film of mine I did last year. Decided to launch it for V. Day.

Oops. I'm two minutes late.

Anonymous said...

Some books HAVE let me down actually :P