Thursday, March 15, 2007

All of a Twitter in 140 Characters!

Yang-May Ooi is certainly quickly at home with new technology. While she was in Malaysia, she phone blogged her adventures. And now she's all of a twitter over a (relatively) new mini-blogging and messaging facility called ... Twitter.

Excited by the possibilities of this new medium, she is asking readers if they can be creative in 140 characters (like in an SMS message) to produce Twitter mini-flash fiction or digital haiku:
What I would really love to see are Twitterers who can write something interesting or thought-provoking in 140 characters so that I can have something worthwhile to read on my mobile phone - when I'm on the bus or hanging around waiting in between real-life events. So here's a challenge to all you flash fiction writers and haiku poets, can you Twitter interestingly, uniquely, fascinatingly, challengingly to entertain, bewitch, bedazzle and enthrall the masses on their phones? Let me know if you have such a Twitter account and I'll feature you on Fusion View!
She reckons that my local readership should go for this
as Malaysians have short attention spans ... (now where was I?) ... and are joined at the hip to their handphones ... (just excuse me while I answer that ...)

140 characters! We thought we were pushing the limits
with six-word stories, the other day!

And speaking of short short stories, here's one you must read - Julio Cortazar's post-modern piece A Continuity of Parks. Just coffee break length and magic.


Kenny Mah said...

Heehee, I love sneaky, clever little stories like these. But if you must know, I read it over tea --- vanilla Ceylon at that.

Hurrah for short short stories! :D

bibliobibuli said...

clever tea for a clever story!

lil ms d said...

wow. twitter. i'll check it out later.

see you! did you get the book from raman?

bibliobibuli said...

many thanks ms d, yes i did. now all that remains is your autograph ...

animah said...

Will take up the challenge, sleep on it first.

Jordan said...

Loved that story, the twist anyway. It's an Escher print rendered in print. Delicious.

animah said...

Driving to work today, I ran over a man's shoe. Black. Patent leather. 100m away, I ran over a second shoe. Smooth. Not even a bump. What a lovely day.