Thursday, March 15, 2007

Puisy-Poesy Philosophising

Our Puisy-Poesy blog features some recently posted poems asking some very big questions.

Why should we seek knowledge about the universe? Madcap Machinist reflects on the biggest of questions with Auden's After Reading a Child's Guide to Modern Physics and brings us up to date with the latest developments in cosmology!

I write about Molly Peacock's poem Why I am Not a Buddhist, which questions why we should even want to live without desire.

Sharanya chooses to celebrate International Women's Day with a powerful poem by Palestinian-American poet Suheir Hammad: of woman torn.

But the posts aren't all about heavy stuff: Leon picks Paul Farley's poem about the joys of revolving doors. But why is the poem actually titled Automatic Doors?

Pay us a visit and seek enlightenment.

We are hoping that the whole Pusiy-Poesy team will meet up for the first time ever at the KL Litfest! Imagine, we have become co-bloggers and friends over the past months, but are only slowly getting to know each other in "real" life.

But I think all of us would like to find ways to take the project further into other media. Performance? A book? Workshops? Anything's possible. Enthusiasm's high.

And we would really welcome your contributions to the blog. If there's a poem you love and want to discuss, please contact us.

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