Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Air on a Gmail

Just a non-bookish aside.

Doesn't it come to something when your internet service provider writes to you to invite you to sign up for a Gmail account? WTF?


Ron said...

Interesting as my ISP, Telsta Bigpond, Australia's largest, recently blacklisted Gmail servers and wouldn't deliver email from them to Bigpond accounts.

Thankfully that has now been resolved.

bibliobibuli said...

odd and odder, ron!

i am so upset because i am paying for my account and it is so poor - tiny mailbox, a deluge of spam. i even paid extra for a better spam filter and the junk just pours in.

i wrote to my ISP and asked them to clarify what was going on

Ron said...

I use Gmail for everything now, Sharon. I have several accounts which I use for various (not nefarious!) activities.

I can't be bothered with ISP email anymore for the same reasons as you: small box and LOADS of spam.

Gmail is excellent for catching spam although it's worth checking every now and again that it hasn't been too efficient.

Ron said...

By the way, you can use Gmail as a POP3 account which means you can send and receive Gmail via your email client such as Outlook.

Argus Lou said...

(And that was another plug for Gmail from Ron, Bib. Hee hee!)

Jordan said...

Gmail absolutely rocks. I love it, and I also have several accounts. It's a nice online backup too.

bibliobibuli said...

yes, i already have an account an back-up my blog there

i love it too

but all this is beside the point ... isn't this a weird email for streamyx to send?? it's like they're saying, hey we know we're useless, stop complaining and get a bette acount with these guys

Anonymous said...

I think they're saying that exactly :D