Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Namaya at No Black Tie

Hot news via the British Council!

We are delighted to announce that No Black Tie, the venue of our popular Wayang Kata series, has now started hosting regular spoken word events. They launched their first monthly event on the 1st of April, and are following up with another one this Saturday 21st, with a poet introduced to them by our soulful UK poet Malika Booker!

We’re so pleased, we have to pass on the good news.

April 21 ~ Saturday NAMAYA LIVE!

Namaya is an internationally renowned high wire performance artist of the spoken word. NAMAYA LIVE! is a fun, energetic fusion of spoken word, music, stories, & multimedia. He has performed on European tours which have included Denmark, England (with a show at the celebrated "Apples & Snakes" in London) & Holland. In 2006 he performed in New York at the Bowery, throughout the US, Ireland, Japan, and an extended tour in New Zealand . With his virtual electronic band the Jazz Beat Experience he weaves a magical spell of jazz, blues, and an astonishing flight of words.

"...hip, sexy, irreverent, and very political."

Equally engaging is Namaya's ability to spontaneously create poems and stories drawn from the suggestions of the audience; one performance in Amsterdam had the crowd cheering for more poems of, "Flying pigs, greasy chicken thighs, quantum physics and true love." Visit and to sample poems, audio clips, and a small video of a recent live show. The Nuyorican Café in NYC said, "Great show!"

"Brilliant!" exclaimed Apples and Snakes in London

"Encore!" said The Winston in Amsterdam

Performance starts at 10pm. Entrance: rm40

For reservation please call 21423737 or email

No Black Tie

17 Jalan Mesui

KL 50200


Anonymous said...

off topic.

i just only noticed a link to Susan Hill's blog here. i love love love The Woman In Black. u read it?

The Visitor

bibliobibuli said...

hello visitor - yes i also love it, a classic spooky tale and very well written. i also read another of her novels but am not sure of the title

Anonymous said...

time to get the TV movie.....the DVD is out of print tho.

The Visitor

Tie Windsor said...

Wow nice to find your site I look forward to checking it out for the latest events before my next trip, No Black Tie sounds great

bibliobibuli said...

tie windsor - wow you have a whole blog about how to tie a tie! i think there is a poem in there!

Chet said...

*squinting at title of entry*

Namanya Namaya?

Madcap Machinist said...

namanya siapa?

(maybe this will finally eclipse selamat hari kunzru)

bibliobibuli said...

chet, machinist - now i get what you were trying to tell me. thanks