Saturday, May 26, 2007

May "Readings" - Sticky Post

Our series of monthly readings continue this Saturday with the aim of encouraging new writing talent.

Time: 3.30pm
Date: 26th May 2007
Place: Seksan's, 67, Jalan Tempinis Satu, Lucky Garden, Bangsar

Readers for this Saturday are:

Wong Phui Nam

Balan Moses

Nora Adam

Nicholas Wong

Pey Colborne

Bernice Chauly

"Readings" is organised by Sharon Bakar and Bernice Chauly. We are grateful to Seksan and La Bodega for sponsorship.

Admission free and everyone very welcome. Please pass on the invitation to anyone else you think might be interested.

(For enquiries contact Sharon at 012-6848835, or

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Sham said...

Hey nice - that the first event and the next one are just a few hours apart for lunch in between . Super.
So PJs are a no no now. Can't stay in them till half past three - will not be appropriate at all!

Anonymous said...

How does a reading encourage new writing talent ?

sympozium said...

"How Does a Reading Encourage New Writing Talent?"

It gives a real and human element to a piece of work, particularly if the work is read by the author. This serves to make a participant realise that writing is not some airy-fairy act but one that's achievable, albeit after a lot of sweat and tears. It helps a participant connect with the author, and so hopefully will provide an impetus to write - but only if the author-reader keeps it short, entertaining and reads well. A grave sin and a great lack of manners is to exceed the time given for a reading segment as this is a disrespect to a)the organisers, whose schedule has now been completely thrown out of whack b) the other author-readers still waiting to read and c) the audience

The discussions after a reading are, I feel, the best reason to attend a reading. That's when the craft and art of writing can be analysed, commented on, argued about, etc...

bibliobibuli said...

.. and some nice wine be drunk!

i found that when i read i could feel how the words were going down with an audience, and that was really valauble.

anon - come along lah!

sympozium said...

I left out the wine!!! That was a serious omission!

Anonymous said...

looks like a promising lineup sharon!

- dizzyfirefly (Liyana)

enar arshad said...

urghhh got kenduri that day.just wishing that temerloh is next door to bangsar

lil ms d said...

finally a saturday i have free!!!

ps. SB - someone asked me how i could read your blog, it's too 'intellectual'. ahem. say thank you SB! hehe.

bibliobibuli said...

liyana - want to grab you to read not too far down the line

enar - you will catch up with us soon

ms d - intellectual? ha ha. i must dumb down.

Natasya said...

Hurrah for free wine! Er no, I mean the new line-ups. Yay! I can't remember the last time i went to Seksan.

Anonymous said...

oh hey cool. that would coincide really well with my zine/chapbook that's coming out in june. finally, a 'body of work' that isn't online!

- Liyana

bibliobibuli said...

well done, liyana! you can sell copies there too so it will be a good platform for you

Anonymous said...

Sorry Symp, but doesn't the fact that a book exists mean that it's achievable ? why would anyone need a reading for that ?

Anonymous said...

Dear Sharon,
I'm a regular reader of yr blog but always hesitant to leave a comment.

I need your help in locating a book I loved as a child in the sixties. This book in Bahasa Indonesia is called Sipitak. Unfortunately, I don't know neither author's name nor publisher.
I'm certain it's already out of publication (after all, i'm pushing 50), but who knows?

Sipitak is like yr enid blyton series. He is a bald-headed kampung boy, raised by his mother and grandparents. The book relates his adventures, kids stuff.

Sharon, it's a heart-warming book, i guess like your anne of green gables and the like. I learnt frm these books indon works like sepeda (bicycle), paman (uncle/guardian) etc.

In my family we don't throw away books. But I think we must have lost Sipitak somehow.

Someone out there must know this book, or you might have some contacts in the indonesian publications industry.
Thanks in advance

Anonymous said...


Dear Sharon,
So sorry. I wrote u about the book Sipitak and forgot to sign off (for easier id).
Anon Noor

bibliobibuli said...

anon noor - i LOVE si pitak!!!!!! i earned to read malay from those books. i laughed so much at the story where he steals the shoes from outside the mosque. i would love to find the book again too.

i found just one copy on abebooks

bibliobibuli said...

and found out from amazon that a couple of the books were published in malaysia by fajar bakti. they appear to be out of print and heaven knows how you would find them again. the author's name was soekardi.

Anonymous said...

Sharon, bless you. U know this book! Thank you, thank you. Tomorrow I shall get on the phone to Fajar Bakti.
This is indeed one of those coincidences. You, a transplanted Brit, has read this book. What are the odds for that, eh?
Now I'm wishing for this generation of young Msians to read this book. The Malay world's answer to Bunter.
Someone in the publishing world shd think of celebrating Sipitak.In the way the US celebrated Eloise a few years back.

Sharon, when you are out of topics to blog, perhaps you can write one about books we have loved. The comments wd be so interesting.
G'nite. And again, thank you.


Obiter Dictum said...

Reading before a knowledgeable audience is always a pleasure.

Will try to make it.

Mag said...

Thought I'd share this link, it being something to bibble about:

:) cheers.

lil ms d said...

sharon why havent you posted new stuff? are you okay?!

Daphne Ling said...

Hi Ms Sharon,
It was great meeting you the other night in the Bloggers' Gathering! Wanted to pop here earlier, but God! 1) I was a little pre-occupied, and 2) I forgot your URL and kept forgetting the 'The'!
Anyway, I'm from Ipoh, so we don't exactly have book readings! Ergh...Wish we did, so I could just see what it's all about...

bibliobibuli said...

ms d- - scroll down the page. i've been posting lots. i left this post "sticky" so it would remain at the top and not get buried. i couldn't think of another way to do this

hi daphne - it was very nice to meet you too. you could always start a similar event in ipoh, y'know. i'm sure there are writers lurking around up there.

lil ms d said...

oh. sah saya dah nyanyok.

facialanomaly said...

please come read my fictional blog journal,
and tell your friends

lainie said...

will be there! yay!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for holding these sessions! It was a lot of fun.