Thursday, August 09, 2007

Dzof the Viper?

Dzof Azmi's column in the Star at the weekend was a wonderful wind-up for people who love the physicality of published books. Words ... not books are what counts, he says, as he predicts the imminent demise of the paper manifestations and the growth of digital ones. Do go read.

(We've had this debate before, of course, and I can pretty much predict what your take on the issue is, just as you can most probably predict mine!)

Was much amused to read on Azmi's blog that Thor Kah Hoong had called up his mum and called Azmi ' a viper':
... for suggesting that the writing was on the electronic wall for physical books.
His response? :
I like that, I've never been compared to a muscle-engined sports car before.
Anyway, should Dzof's vision of the future come to pass, I would probably become Thor's best customer, and get stuck in a happy time-warp rediscovering past literary glories!


Chet said...

Your link to Azmi's blog goes to your entry about SKOOB is books drawkcab.

Madcap Machinist said...

Odd... I was sure I left comments on one of these PoD posts. I'm a guy who keeps tripping on books stacked on the floor of his bedroom because the bookshelf is full so having an e-book collection seems like a good idea.

Then I remember how I lost everything electronic that I had once, and I think of how much of my earnings I've spent on books... having them fall off shelves and cluttering my floor makes me feel like a very rich man indeed.

I'll take paper any day.

[Then again, a little sidenote: according to this Britannica blog article, the initial print run for the US version of HP7 is estimated to have used 17,000 tons of paper which normally requires about 625 acres (about 420 football fields) of trees to produce.

But this is not what the article is about so I'll leave it at that.]

Where was I? Yes, I'll take paper any day, but to be precise, the sensual experience of a book, the book itself, as an object in its own right.

The relevant link for Dzof's article is this one: "The Book as Object", also on Britannica Blog, talking about a bookstore called Librissime (don't blame me if you want to go visit Montreal now), where they sell some very very special books that makes the fort on this side worth holding ...why death by papercut is still a noble death.

Greenbottle said...

the days of 'real' books are numbered just like the days of the radio are numbered.

i think those who love electronic books as compared to 'real' books are the same people who never really love books anyway.

i suppose those people who like electronic books also like having sex with those plastic ladies that you can buy in sex shops.and they have to agree that banging plastic paris hilton is better than screwing the real one.

Ted Mahsun said...

Machinist, your link just points back to this page.

As for my take on this ebook revolution thingy... its time will come, but not yet. Not until the devices are as cheaply and easily available as paper is. (I'm not holding my breath.)

Madcap Machinist said...

Sorry, here it is again: "The Book As Object"

Poppadumdum said...

Your streamyx acount is full again :-(((

bibliobibuli said...

link fixed

poppa - if you're going to send big files you know my yahoo address. streamyx has a tiny mail box and can easily be filled by a few photos. such is the ridiculous service i pay for.

bibliobibuli said...

my account actually isn't fun. streamyx must have a problem. anyway please use my yahoo account as it is much more reliable

sharonbakar at the yahoo place

Anonymous said...

use gmail lah sharon!!!!! and join!

bibliobibuli said...

i have gmail but use it to store my blog entries as a back up!!

i've never used any of those social networking thingies but now just might!