Thursday, August 02, 2007

Not Another Reading This Weekend!

poetry jamming!

3rd August 2007, Friday
6.30 pm
bau bau cafe,
cm annexe, KL

with: azwan ismail | PYAN HABIB
toni | HAN | arief yudi | NIZAM
ZAKARIA | fairul nizam | kG |
taf teh
DIZZYFIREFLY | nazri m. annuar
FADLY AL_AKITI | dato' shan
anggawedhaswhara | DINSMAN

and [ open mic session ] [ kalau masih ada masa!]

check out for other happening till 5th august 2007!


sharkgila said...

That's a whole lot of things happenning! btw, is August our National Reading month? (is there such a month..)

bibliobibuli said...

good question, sharky!

a nom de plume said...

you weren't there *sniff*

bibliobibuli said...

you missed me!!

no, i was home 'cos hubby gets upset if i'm out too often and i've been away this week. plus am exhausted after two nights running with only 4-5 hours sleep.

hope you had a great audience though and that it went really well

a nom de plume said...

Ah. It was good, especially some of the later readings, except for the last (the only signup for the open mic who stayed until it was open). ^^;