Saturday, September 29, 2007

Sharanya's Goodbye

Just found this on an e-group posted by Bernice Chauly:

Readings at NoBlackTie presents a smorgasboard of Malaysian writers/poets/musicianswho will bid farewell to friend and poet Sharanya Manivannan.

Sharanya, who hails from Chennai, has been a vivacious and integral part of the KL literary scene for the past four years. For those who have yet to hear her read her stunning poems, this is your chance. Come hear your favourite local performers and more! For those who would like to read or sing a thing or two, please contact me directly. (mulutmata at yahoo dot com)
My heart is so sad because we are losing Sharanya, one of our most talented local writers. I wish I could be there, but have to send my love from a distance.

Sharanya, I wish you all the best, and hope that fate will work in mysterious and wonderful ways to bring you to a place where your work will be fostered and appreciated, published and promoted as it deserves to be. Hope too that you will be back here as a frequent visitor as your loss will be so keenly felt.


S. Cargo said...

Best wishes and lots of good luck, Sharanya!
I don't think one needs to say goodbye just yet, because you're still here with us on planet earth, and in spite of all that troublesome red tape, the whole world IS your home.
So set forth and prosper! :D

Anonymous said...

sharon, i wondered what had become of u. i'm very glad tht I've found you again! I'd like to sty in touch some, i have a 3rd little girl. Love, Leah Ingrid

Anonymous said...

If the whole world is my home, how is it that I can be barred from entering some parts of it ? :)

animah said...

When is the NBT event?

Madcap Machinist said...

It is tonight, 9.30pm.

bibliobibuli said...

did i forget to post the details? am truly daft, so many thanks machinist!

leah ingrid - a really big hug to you. have missed you lots. have greatly missed our literary conversations!

am currently in a dilemma ... shall i blog for you guys or go and have a massage or go shopping!! how would you spend a last day in bali?

S. Cargo said...

"If the whole world is my home, how is it that I can be barred from entering some parts of it ? :)"

anon – I really don't know. You will have to ask the powers that be. I don't make the policies.

Plus, I was merely trying to put a positive spin on things, not to make light of Sharanya's situation

Btw, Sharanya read two chapters from her book-in-progress, 'Constellation of Scars' last night – and it was simply brilliant. She will definitely make it big in the literary world.

Though it's sad that we won't be able to claim her as our own once she leaves.

lil ms d said...

arghhhhhhhhhhhhh i just got my laptop back. i missed it.

good luck sharanya... we'll miss you.

bibliobibuli said...

scargo - yes, she will make it big, i don't just have faith ... i'm certain