Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Ubud Festival's Gala Opening

There are so many photos that I want to share with you and so much to write about the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival so patience while I gradually put stuff up.

Where best to begin but at the beginning:

The Gala Festival Opening was held in the spectacular setting of the Ubud Palace and was opened by Indonesian Tourism and Culture Minister Jero Wacik who gave a beautifully appropriate speech about how the festival was aimed at bridging different cultures around the world to create harmony.* (I must say it's the first time for ages I've heard a politician actually speak about the event he or she has been invited too rather than use the occasion as an opportunity for political grandstanding.)

Afterwards it was fun catching up with friends - many of whom I first met at the festival last year - and taking a few photos:

MPH editor Eric Forbes with literary livewire (ultra prolific author, necessary controversy stoker, blogger and all around great guy) Nury Vittachi.

Nury flanked by Sri Lankan author Manuka Wijesinghe (left) and Channel News Asia's Deepika Shetty.And here's Manuka, Deepika and myself with Ketut Suardana, the extremely supportive husband of festival director, Janet De Neefe.

(*You can read Trisha Setori's account of his speech in The Jakarta Post, though you have to take out a free subscription first.)

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animah said...

Welcome back Sharon! Looks like you had a great time. I look forward to hearing more.