Friday, October 19, 2007

Horror Novelist Boils Girlfriend's Flesh

Just in case we're getting a bit too serious and literary here, Zona Marie in Sydney sent me this nicely tabloid snippet from the Sydney Morning Herald about a Mexican horror novelist who - boiled his girlfriend!

When police raided the home of Jose Luis Calva they also found:
... his girlfriend's torso in his closet, a leg in the refrigerator and bones in a cereal box
and the draft of a novel called Cannibalistic Instincts.

Again, I would like to warn wanna-be writers who read this blog, not to go take their research too far. (Remember our other author/cannibal? Remember this author who got caught because he fictionalised a murder? )

I know, I know. It really isn't funny. Just seeing how low this blog can sink.

Postscript (14/12/07)

Today I read that he hung himself with a belt while in prison. It truly is a tragic story.

(The gory picture from the SMH shows him with injuries he sustained when he tried to run away from police.)


June said...

Well, my sis' past assistant was caught stealing a colleague's purse, and when caught and asked why she did it, she replied that she recently read a book on the highs of shoplifting/stealing and she just wanted to experience it.

My mom quipped later when she found out, "it's a good thing that she wasn't reading an Agatha Christie novel!"

*waves at zona*

Madcap Machinist said...

Something else to read? A spanking good interview with Rebecca Goldstein & Steven Pinker around their forthcoming books here. And here's Pinker again, on why we curse.

Anonymous said...

*shudders* (ºoº)

Anonymous said...

I once spent a few days on the street for research purposes. I know someone who became a beggar for a few days too. How far is too far ? as long as no laws are broken you can do anything.