Thursday, November 01, 2007


Antares emailed me some very welcome news this morning. He has started another blog where he is pasting up material from his previous (and now out of print) book Adoi! A Lipsmacking Ribtickling Taste of the Real Malaysia, which he wrote as Kit Leee.

My copy of the book is one treasure I would never part with: it's so funny and so well observed a veritable field guide for Malaysian species ... I remember being especially tickled reading about the heavy-metal kutus and Jinjang Joes, and relishing the voices of these "flers" drinking in the pub. The cartoons which accompany each piece are very funny too. And it's good to see that the descriptions are also being updated as they appear. (I'll bet too that there are some more types to add to the additional list, so maybe you could suggest them to him?)

Antares tells me that he plans to put up a link soon so anyone who wants can buy the book from POD site, but he says you are more than welcome to print off pages and do the binding yourself!


Anonymous said...

So Antares is Kit Leee ? deffler dam funny lah.

Antares said...

Funny ha-ha or funny weird? Probably you mean both, but in any case it's nice to be called "funny" - thanks! :-)

bibliobibuli said...

you made me laugh ... but yeah you are kind of weird come to think of it

Anonymous said...

Chap used to have a wooden house somewhere. Ask him what he called his daughter :)