Friday, December 28, 2007

Awang Goneng Goes Back to His (Bookish) Roots

The pseudonym apparently means "mischievous local boy" but for anyone still not sure who Awang Goneng, the author of Growing Up in Trengganu is ...

... he's actually veteran journalist Wan Ahmad Hulaimi, the blogger behind Kecek-Kecek, and husband of another very well loved blogger, KakTeh aka Zahara Othman.

And, of course, he's reading tomorrow at Seksan's.

I'm a little shamefaced that I haven't written anything about the book yet, but this is because 1) I'm reviewing it for Starmag and 2) this beautiful book is just to special to hurry without savouring each short chapter fully. (I am a fair way through it though.)

The picture from the Star shows the book launch in Kuala Terengganu on Tuesday, at the Alam Akademik bookshop where he once bought his first books and his father bought his kitabs (religious books).

The book is already doing very well and is going into a second-print run of 3,000 books.

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